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Android Box Updates

Posted Feb 20th, 2016 in Android TV

T8Plus10.jpgAndroid Box Update!
For those who may have purchased an android TV box from us over the past year, please contact us to be added to our distribution list. This will let you get customized emails about your android box with the latest new applications and updates. Simply send us your email and we will make sure you are added!

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Computer Scams

Posted Feb 20th, 2016 in Computer Self Help

Although this story sounds far-fetched......
For anyone who ever had a phone call from "Microsoft" or had your bank email you, wanting you to log in, please read the story below. There are sooooooo many scams on the internet. The best solution, always, is to thank whomever is calling you about your PC.  Tell them that you will take it to someone you trust and have it serviced by them. Please, NEVER give your visa / MC / bank information or let them onto your computer. EVER!…/online-con-claims-nige...

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Mobile Phone Alternatives

Posted Feb 20th, 2016 in Cell Phone

cellphones-edited.pngLooking for a phone alternative, or simply a phone for the kids that may not break the bank? 
We recently stumbled on Sugar Mobile that uses Rogers as their background network.     It's worth checking out!

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