IT Support Services

Escape Computer Center offers a wide range of IT support and integrative solutions for both the home and small business markets.

Typically we are the voice for our clients when they have an issue and/or need concerning the computers and all things IT in the office. We prefer to work with our clients in their normal environments so that when we come, we can see how the computers and equipment work in their existing setup. If something isn't working, let's fix it! 

As well, we like to get to know you! To understand what your needs are (both immediate and future) and then work with you to make sure your office technology is running smooth and problem-free. We implement a task plan so that everyone works off the same page at all times. Planning for future growth is a necessity to ensure your IT needs keeps up with your growing business.

This also lets you get to know us.  We value your trust and want you to be confident in what we can do for you and your business.  Computer and IT support never needs to be an issue or a frustration point in your workplace.

A short list of what we do....

► General computer and laptop repair of all PC and Mac
► Computer sales of factory refurbished PCs, laptops and Macs
► House call service to fix your computers on-site
► Small business on-site diagnostics, repair, service, upgrades
► Virus removal and antivirus installation
► Complete networking upgrades, setup and diagnostics. From wiring to end product installations, including 
     setup of routers/switches
► Server setup/maintenance for any new or existing setup
► Printer setup and installations, procurement of new pieces and setup up on your network to make sure that
    all the functions are available to you (ie., scan, fax, email etc)
► Email support
► Manage on-site video camera needs. Setting up new systems or upgrading older ones so clients can
     integrate their cameras with their smart phones and see their business off site

Let us answer your questions and provide you with the options and expertise you are looking for.. TODAY!

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